Ménage à trois?

United Kingdom

Alexandra Prince


Based in Manchester, Alexandrea Prince is fresh, curious and insatiable. Originally Spanish, her personality will shine through every moment you spend with her.

Alexandra Prince

Amara Ziora


Based in London, Amara Ziora is a sweet treat with her seductive, almond eyes and bold, signature afro. She is the type of chocolate that melts in your mouth.

River Rose


Based in London, River Rose is a petite alternative beauty. She is a kinky little submissive with a cheeky smile and a penchant for naughty play.

River Rose

Pure Lily


All-natural Pure Lily is a submissive and petite girl-next-door companion perfectly designed for taboo role plays and fantasies in London.

Pure Lily


Heloise Golde


Living between London and Paris, Heloise Golde is a top University graduate and sophisticated gallery girl. Heloise melts hearts with her sweet nature.

Heloise Golde



I recommend these directories for their commitment to privacy and verified independent companions.


Sex worker run and owned Tryst is a new directory for exclusively independent escorts world-wide. Tryst is an Assembly4 project, the same people who brought us Switter and run from Melbourne, Australia.


Both a directory and a verification service for clients and escorts. Clients can verify that a companion’s photos were genuine and their company was professional, and in turn companions can verify that a client was respectful and safe. It’s a win-win system!


22 Burlington is a UK owned and run luxury directory for independent companions. Each profile is verified by the web owner while the stylish design appeals to the discerning client and escort alike.


Not strictly a directory, Switter is a social media platform that is friendly to sex workers. Treat it like Twitter without any of the nasty censorship or invasion of privacy. You can also use Switter to search for sex workers worldwide using the swlisting hashtag + your city.

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Giselle Rosewood Exclusive Independent Escort

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